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Unveiling the hidden secrets of the ocean

The mystery of Beaked Whales in Tenerife

Tenerife, the paradise for whale and dolphin enthusiasts, invites you into a world of wonder. With a staggering 21 different whale species, this island offers an unparalleled opportunity to come face to face with these magnificent marine creatures.

Recently, we had the privilege of experiencing an extraordinary encounter with the enigmatic Beaked Whales, also known as Ziphiidae. These captivating beings are among the ocean's most mesmerizing creations. Despite their imposing stature, they spend a remarkable 90% of their lives concealed in the depths of the water, making the sighting of these creatures a rare and precious adventure.

And if that weren't remarkable enough, there are even species of Beaked Whales that have never been photographed. With the sails billowing in the wind and the sun on our faces, we navigated leisurely towards our destination, hoping to catch a glimpse of pilot whales. Little did we expect a brown-colored creature with a fin reminiscent of a shark to emerge unexpectedly. It swiftly appeared, revealed itself for a brief moment, and then disappeared back into the deep blue. It was a moment of sheer wonder and intense joy! And as if the universe wanted to indulge us, we witnessed not just one, but five Beaked Whales dancing in the waves. We realized that this was a unique experience, not to be taken for granted. Typically, these animals surface briefly to breathe before vanishing into the depths again.

This enchanting encounter unfolded with lightning speed, and before we could even deactivate the autopilot, the dolphins had vanished. Despite the absence of other witnesses, we feel extraordinarily fortunate to have witnessed this spectacular display up close. Since that day, we have made a commitment to always have our cameras at the ready, capturing and sharing future encounters with the world.

At Blue Ocean Yacht Charter Tenerife, you'll explore the stunning waters surrounding Tenerife in style. Spot majestic whales playfully diving through the waves or enjoy the sight of curious dolphins putting on a show just for you.

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