Tenerife, an excepcional place

As mentioned in a previous post Tenerife has an endless array of natural treasures. The Southern coast of Tenerife is a privileged place for watching whales. We can find up to 21 different species in Tenerife's waters and yesterday the 16th of february 2018 we witnessed 5 Beaked Whales (Ziphiidae). The Beaked Whales are one of the least understood of all whales. Despite being large in size, they rarely seen as they spend 90% of their lives underwater. In fact, there are no photographs of some of the living species.

Yesterday with sails up and the autopilot on we were cruising to see some pilotwhales. We normally have a good idea where the pilot whales are and we were far from that destination. So,no cameras ready just relax and sail. when suddenly something strange looking popped out of the water, brown in color,a fin like a shark and 6-7 meter long. We inmediately understood that his was somehting special it happens so fast but realised we saw not one but 5 beaked whales. They spend a little time on the surface to take some air and by the time i put the autopilot off they were gone. We stopped the vessel in the hope to see them again but gone they were. It was a real priveledge to have witnessed this and besides the guests on board we have no witnesses. But from this day on my camera will be ready at all times.

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