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Wake boarding
The Jet bike
Jet bike
Jet bike
Sub wing
sub wing

      The 4 in one adventure tour

          3hrs pure adrenaline  

         120€ pp (3 hrs) Action heroes. 

           60€ pp (3 hrs) only passengers. 

           40€ pp (3 hrs) only passengers. 

Do it all in once. While your friends are trying out the different activities you enjoy a glass of bubbles on the luxury catamaran of blueoceanyachtchartertenerife.
Each person can have a 10 minute try on 4 different diciplines. Subwing, Jetski, jetovator and wakeboarding.

The Jetovator: The waterbike gives you the feeling of flying over the water. Feel like a JEDI or IRONMAN.

Jetski: Our licenced guide will accompany you on your exploration trip along the coast of Tenerife. 
Subwing: your underwater adventure, experience the sensation of underwater flight. Glide underwater like a dolphin, do thrilling underwater acrobatics, or just relax on the surface.

Wakeboarding or Knee-boarding: Surfing the wake. it takes you into a breathtaking and exhilarating adventure. (EXPERIENCE REQUIRED).

Four in one Subwing Jetski jetoflyer and wakeboarding, don’t miss out. 

We sail with our luxury catamaran to one of tenerife's secluded places. We drop anchor so the fun can begin. For those who stay behind they can sunbath, snorkel,swim or watch their friends in there breathtaking adventure. All of this with a nice glass of bubbles and some finger food. 

The team you'll never forget. 

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