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For those who chartered a boat or are preparing for a long passage here is a company who delivers home made food vacuum packed. 

Your vessel is located in the Canaries and you need an MCA Code Compliance Survey or you need  a Tonnage Measurement on a vessel under 24m LOA then we strongly suggest you contact the follow people. 

Hauling out a monohaul can probably be done in any boatyard in the Canaries. However Hauling out a Catamaran or a vessel with a considerable size is almost impossible. Hauling out our Catamaran in Tenerife was only possible with a huge crain at a cost 10 times more expensive then a travel lift in Lanzarote. Therefore we took the decision to sail to Lanzarote where they have a travellift who can lift 850 ton. The Boatyard was clean, people were helpfull in any way. We strongly suggest to everyone with a considerable size of boat to follow the same procedure as we did. It will save you thousands of euros. 

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