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El Teide Tenerife
Carnaval St Cruz tenerife
Carnaval St Cruz de Tenerife
Masca Tenerife
El Teide Tenerife
Masca Tenerife

Beautiful Tenerife. It is the largest and most populous island within the Canarian archipello.

Tenerife welcomes around five million tourists each year and its popularity is increasing each year. Some are here for a short holiday others are here for several months. Tenerife has something to offer for everyone. From the Golden Sandy beaches to the Lunar landscape of Pico el Teide. 


Tenerife rewards exploration.

Tenerife’s central asset is the Pico el Teide                  (it’s a dormant volcano that rises up to 3,718m and is often described as the highest mountain of Spain).

There are plenty of hiking roads to explore. Tenerife also host one of the worlds largest carnivals and the Carnival of St-Cruz is becoming a world heritage site. Tenerife has two airports one in the North and one in the south. 

Tenerife is also known as the “ Island Of Eternal Spring “.

It is paradise for the ones who want to escape the cold european winters. In winter months you can enjoy the warm sunshine on the coastal area and if you go up in the mountains you will find snow.

However skiing is out of the question.


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