The Intelligence of Dolphins

January is a time where we encounter a lot of Dolphins in Tenerife. Especially the bottlenose Dolphin. Last night i saw a documentary on television that contradicts what i supposed to know about the Dolphin in generally. The documentary claims that the Dolphins have a bigger brain mass then the humans but that they use it 20% of it. While humans only use 10% of their brain. So, lets google this and find out who is right. What i could find out is that Dolphins are the second smartest creature on planet earth.

Now we are going into the more technical part but have a look at this.

Dolphins also have a very complex neocortex, the part of the brain responsible for problem-solving, self-awareness, and variety of other traits we associate with human intelligence.

Researchers have found gangly neurons called Von Economo neurons, which in humans and apes have been linked to emotions, social cognition, and even theory of mind—the ability to sense what others are thinking.

So, we could conclude that the Brain of a Dolphin is very similar then the brain of a human.

The Dolphins recognise themselves in a mirror (a test which most animals fail, only humans pass the test and of course now the Dolphins as well). In other words they have self awareness. They also understand complex sentences from Humans and they can learn to poke an underwater keyboard to request toys to play with. Much of their learning is similar to that of young children.

What we know for sure about the Dolphins is that they are alive, aware of their environment, and have emotions—those ones are easy. But they also seem to have personalities, exhibit self-controlled behavior, and treat others appropriately, even ethically. That combination of traits is harder to come by in the animal world.

The point i want to make is treat Dolphins with respect they are closer to Humans then we think.

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