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19:00pm Departs the Marina

                 Drinks are served

21:00pm Arrive back at the marina where you can continue with the rest of your evening plans.

                 (These are approximate times).





Wear comfortable clothing! It is important to keep in mind that wind-chill factor can fall when going further out of sea. We recommend you to take some warm clothing as a precaution.

Don’t forget your camera and sensible non-slip shoes. 

(Please, avoid wearing black soled shoes as these mark the deck or you can take them off when you are on board. 




Adult                                                €100

Child (4 - 10 years)                          € 60

Prices valid for 2018 - 2019 season. 


(We need a minimum of 4 people, max. 12 people)


Deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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