ITINERARY Private Charter (min 3hr.)

10:30am     Departs the marina en route to the whales.               

11:30am     Observing the Whales 

12:00pm     En-route to the Dolphins, depending the 

                     weather conditions we will visit Palm Mar Cave

                     and anchor in the bay of Los Cristianos. Possibility

                     to swim, snorkel and paddle surf. Thai finger food 

                     cava is served.    

13:00 pm    we follow the coastline back to the marina. 

13:30 pm    Arrival at the Marina. 



Wear comfortable clothing it is important to keep in mind that wind-chill factor can fall when going further out in the sea, so we recommend you to take some warm clothing as a precaution.

DO NOT bring protective sun cream we will provide you with our own boat friendly protective suncream. However, we  advise you to take a cap and sunglasses for added protection. 

If possible, we also recommend you to take a pair of binoculars in order to see the marine life from a distance. 

Don’t forget your camera & swimsuit. 

You need to bring your own towels. 

(Please avoid wearing any kind of shoes as these mark the deck. Please take them off when you are on board.)



UP TO 12 PEOPLE: 1500 EURO. (min 7hr.excursion).

UP TO 12 PEOPLE: 1350 EURO. (min 5hr.excursion). 

UP TO 12 PEOPLE: 895 EURO.   (min 3hr. excursion).

Prices valid for 2018-2019 season.




Deemed reliable but not guaranteed

ITINERARY VIP Private Charter (min 5hrs)

10:30am   Departs the Marina enroute to the whales . 

11:30am   Observing the whales

12:30pm   Following the coastline to the Anchorage. We                                will anchor in the bay at Puertito de Adeje. There is                      a possibility to swim, snorkel and paddle surf.                                Thai finger food and champaign is served. 

14:30pm   Following the coastline back to the marina.  

16:30pm   Arrival at the Marina. 

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